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What is Think BIG?

The Think BIG Program (BEGIN -IMPROVE-GOLF) is designed to provide instruction and coaching for players at all skill levels.  Our professional instructors have tailored the programs to those just learning the game or more experienced golfers that want to improve their game. 

Adult Beginner Golf Clinics 
Think BIG this season and get your golf game started on the right track.  We'll cover everything a beginner needs to know including grip, stance, posture, full swing mechanics, chipping and putting.

If you have never played golf before, have limited experience, or you are interested in perfecting an area of your game- let us help you learn and improve! 

ONLY $75 Per Golfer

Please call 847.296.5764 for more details!

Women's Group Clinics

This 4 week women’s clinic is designed to get you driving longer, hitting straighter, chipping closer, and playing better golf.  A beginner clinic is recommended prior to enrolling in this program.

ONLY $75 Per Golfer

Four 60-90 minute group lessons w/ range balls

  • Tuesdays - 6/4 - 6/25 from 3:30pm -5pm

Please call 847.296.5764 for more details!

FORE Sport Day Camp

Looking for a new way to introduce your junior to golf? Try our FORE Sport Summer Day Camp. This day camp will have a focus on keeping your juniors active while learning new sports, golf skills, and having fun.

The four sports include: disc golf , golf swing instruction, footgolf, and miniature golf with putting instruction.

It's hours of fun! The camp is designed for ages of 6 years - 14 year old kids. Drop off is allowed or parents can stay and watch.

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Junior Instruction

A consistently good golf swing is very much about muscle memory.  Starting your junior off with the proper fundamentals will take them a long way in developing a repeatable swing that they can count on for years to come.  Over this 4 week clinic, we’ll cover proper grip, stance, posture, full swing mechanics, chipping and putting.  Golf clubs are available for those that don’t have their own.

ONLY $75 Per Golfer

Four 60-90 minute group lessons w/ range balls

  • Saturdays - 6/8 - 6/29 from 1pm -2pm

Please call 847.296.5764 for more details!

Individual Instruction

For real game improvement, you can’t beat focused, individual instruction. I don’t believe in the magic fix, but I do believe that the proper identification of swing flaws make it easier to apply the drills and repetition toward eliminating them.  We can work on any aspect of the game that’s giving you trouble or develop an entire lesson plan for an all around game.  

Single Lessons

1/2 Hour              ~ $50

1 Hour Couples   ~ $75

Lesson Packages

Three 1/2 Hour     ~ $90

Five 1/2 Hour       ~ $130

Ten 1/2 Hour        ~ $250

Call 847.296.5764 for more details.